Oklahoma Standard Custody Agreement

I have had my grandchildren for about a year. I gave my son the opportunity to have his children. Now I`m at the point where I have full custody of her. The parents live in Colorado Springs, and we live in Tulsa Oklahoma. We are the grandparents. What are the possibilities I have in this area? It`s going to be frustrating for my wife and me. What are the possibilities I have? On the other hand, in order for the court to amend a joint decision on custody of the children, the requesting parent must demonstrate that the parents cannot agree on the best interests of the child or do not cooperate, as provided for in the joint custody decision, so that sole custody is better in the best interests of the child. In this case, the Tribunal will hear all evidence of parental fitness in the determination of sole custody (given that such a finding was never made in the original joint custody decision). Physical custody – Physical custody refers to the right to choose the child`s location at any time. This right is accompanied by responsibility for the physical assistance and supervision of the child. The court may confer sole physical custody on one parent or joint physical custody on both parents.

Luckily, with the software`s on-call and tour calendar, you can create a rehearsal or seasonal schedule and include vacation periods, holidays, or special events. This offers the possibility to take into account any type of planning event such as school days, school holidays, weekends, summers, extracurricular activities, appointments, sick days, birthdays, etc. The software also contains a “real” versus “planned” parental leave tracking section, as well as a journal and fee billing section. The importance and benefits of all functions of the software will only be fully understood or appreciated after the conclusion and custody agreement put into effect in Oklahoma. For example, if you can easily document, modify, and track your agreement, both parents receive accurate information and actionable data that helps minimize confusion, frustration, and conflict. This way, you can avoid those frustrating and argumentative discussions that consist of “He said – she said” or “I remember – The other parent remembers it.”. . . .

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